Biscornu exchange with the Biscornu expert!!!

Isn't that a funny title ? Well if not, at least it gives you the hint who my exchange partner was...

Kerry had commented on my last exchange post that she will be interested in a exchange if time is suitable in future. Well who thought I will get the opportunity so to London for work.

We decided to keep the exchange a simple one with only one cross stitched item, which of course was a biscornu. E-mails were exchanged to understand each other's likes and dislikes and we were set for the exchange.

Here is what I received from Kerry. A big box of goodies all individually wrapped up in this lovely floral paper....Look at what she sent me

A postcard and magnet from where she lives, chocolate, DMC variegated threads,loads of hand made jewellery: a bracelet, ear rings, key ring and a book mark. She let me choose the cover kits you see in the pic which she was giving away, how thoughtful of her. The biscornu is amazing , a peacock themed pattern - perfect for me . The personalization with our names is lovely . I like the use of metallic thread as well.

Kerry I didn't know you are such a talented jewellry maker apart from being a biscornu expert. I have never seen such a bookmark before.

Thank you so much, the goodies will be treasured and put to good use.

A picture of the biscornu I made using some of  her favourite colors.

It was so much fun participating in an exchange with you Kerry.. I hope we do more in future.


  1. Haha, I guessed straight away who the exchange was with! I love that she put both your names on the biscornu too. The one you made is beautiful too. A great exchange.

  2. I'm hardly an expert but Ive made a few biscornu over the years! It was lovely to do an exchange, it had been an absolute age since I did one. You sent me such lovely things. I must get my post up this weekend. Happy stitching Mini 😀

  3. They are both very beautiful biscornu's. Very lovely package of goodies.

  4. What gorgeous biscornus, Mini!! It looks like you both had a very successful exchange :)

  5. They are both beautiful!! We are so blessed to be surrounded by such talented people in our stitching community :)

  6. What lovely gifts you received Mini! And all those kits to stitch!
    Wow, I didn't realise Kerry made jewellery either!
    Both the Biscornus are gorgeous..... I love your dragonflies Mini ..... and Kerry's is great too with the peacock feathers, and especially with both your names and the date! What a delightful swap!
    Barbara x

  7. Lovely exchange, beautiful stitching you both did

  8. Exchanges look so fun! I guess it was Kerry by the title too haha. Both of y'all's biscornus are wonderful, they look like a fun project to do. The little kits you were sent are cute too~

  9. What a great exchange this was. OF course, the title says all about your partner, lol. Both biscornus are gorgeous, Mini.

  10. Beautiful gifts .This swap idea Is great.Hope to swap with you dear :)

  11. What a great exchange! You both made such perfect biscornu for each other.

  12. Isn't it nice to travel and to actually send and receive mail. Both of you are very talented if you ask me. Wonderful gifts.

  13. Lovely exchange! What great biscornu's from both of you :o)

  14. Beautiful exchange!! Both Biscornus are looking great but I loved yours more:)


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